Monday, May 14, 2012

(bargain cookbook sale!)

I love cookbooks, especially the pretty kind with lots of pictures. As the primary shelver of cookbooks these days, I get to handle and then shelve all the new cookbooks coming in, as well as the classics. And I really like doing that, all except for the fact that I find myself hungry at random times throughout the day: cut to Homer Simpson's drool sound that he makes when he is hungry, "aaaaaauglugh." Lol.

Our bargain cookbook sale is a generous collection* of all sorts of good titles [*click on photo above to see full image], from Dori Greenspan's around my french table - normally $40, with special bargain copies priced at only $19.98 - to the Gourmet Cookie Book (a stunner in the land of cookies!) to Urban Pantry (a helpful DIY book reviewed favorably at Gwyneth Paltrow's newsy blog 'goop' that I've recently discovered) to Mollie Katzen's Salad Recipies stand-up for only $6.98. And much more ...

This sale, per the lovely Natalie, will go on through the month of May!

So, get your cookbooks and GET COOKING! 

~Jan aka calendar girl

Please note: You can order these books from us, versus purchasing them in the store, but please do remember to let us know that it is a sale/bargain copy that you are ordering, otherwise you will be paying the full/new book price. Also, bargain copies do have a generally unobtrusive black mark on them to distinguish them from new ones.

tell all your friends!