Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot off the press: a book with a cover that I (we*) love! Plus, what's between the covers, the guts of the book, is just so much fun. Lots of 80's trivia, much-much more than I knew, but that doesn't prevent the reader from imagining what the characters might have to go through to learn and grow in the virtual Oasis universe. I have been waiting for READY PLAYER ONE to come out in paperback so that I can share a GREAT READ, at an affordable price, just in time for summer and beach reading. And now it is here!

If you go to the link just above there's an well-written, informative blurb posted about the book, hence my job is done. Or is it? I will say that I have no problem imagining the future-world that Mr. Cline writes about. And since I've been hearing a lot about world building lately, I will say that, while in the midst of reading, Ernest Cline convinced me that I was a shut-in just like his main man Wade Watts.

This is not a book to go into all the gory details of how miserable life is in this future Earth, rather it is all about how Wade sees the alternative virtual reality and how that helps him make friends with other players looking to find some kind of way out of their lot.

Hopefully I have enticed you to read this book, and that you will like it just as much as I have.
aka calendar girl

p.s. It is not too early to be thinking about next year's calendars. We've started to get some 2013 calendars in, and will be shelving them in the next few months.

*Caitlin, book seller extraordinaire at ubs, loves the cover and book too!  :D

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