Thursday, August 31, 2006


Somehow you, dear reader, have stumbled upon the temporary home of an as-of-yet unnamed blog from University Book Store in Seattle, Washington. I'm the Shelver. I shelve books. I read books. I think about books.

And here, at this as-of-yet unnamed blog, I will write about books.

First, a request: name this blog! Send ideas. Don't let this blog go nameless any longer than it has to. Use electronic mail and tell me what to call this blog. I will entertain your suggestions throughout the month of September. And then, I will use one of them to name this blog.


Here goes nothing! Tomorrow, September 1, 2006, the blogging begins in earnest!


  1. I think "The Shelver" would be an excellent name for your blog.

  2. How about "The Literarian"? Mostly because I like the way it makes my mouth feel when I say it.

  3. Hey, I just came across this. Good development! I'll add this to my Bloglines. I love the University Book Store! This can be like getting the handwritten staff recommendations at my desk.

    Naming is always tough. "The Still Unnamed Book Blog of the University Book Store" is a little cumbersome, though, so here are a few quick thoughts:

    The BUBS (Blog of the University Book Store)

    UBS Buzz

    BUBS Buzz

    UBS Buzz

    Off-the-Shelf Thoughts

    Reading Allowed (but I bet the blog will outlive the advertising slogan)

    Good luck!

    -- Mary

    PS You chose the same Blogger template I use. :)


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