Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Events this week

If you weren't here last night, you missed the fantastic Jonathan Raban. I had meant to make a note of the event on this blog, but forgot, and offer my sincere apologies to Mr. Raban—one of my favorite local authors—for the oversight.

But that was only Monday. Tonight at 7pm, visitors can bask in the presence of National Book Award winner Pete Dexter, who will be reading from his new book Paper Trails. It's a collection of his finely wrought, dark, brilliant newspaper columns, and as Pete Hamill says in his introduction to the book, the essays "are as good as it ever gets."

On Wednesday, a young Oakland writer named Daniel Alarcón will be by to read from his first novel Lost City Radio. Alarcón's debut book of short stories, War by Candlelight was well-received, and he's an Iowa graduate. I'm an Iowa graduate as well. So. Go Hawks. Come see him.

Women searching for a new occupation might stop by on Thursday to see Michelle Goodman read from her new book The Anti 9 to 5 Guide.

And Friday! Oh, Friday! Fantasy fans of all ages should be here, because the one and only China Mieville will be in our Event space reading from his new book Un Lun Dun. This event comes with Duane's highest recommendation.

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  1. My review of "Lost City Radio" came out this Sunday in the El Paso Times:


    It deserves the kudos it's been receiving.


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