Friday, March 02, 2007

I'd rather be reading...

I've been looking forward to this arrival: Nick Mamatas has a new, short novel called Under My Roof, and if I wasn't out in the stacks shelving, I'd be hiding in the stacks reading.

Here's a description:

Under My Roof, based on Archanians by Aristophanes, is the story of telepathic tween Herbert Weinberg, whose father Daniel decides to strike a blow for freedom by building a nuclear device, planting it in the lawn jockey in his front yard, and declaring independence from the United States.

The Long Island household is predictably turned upside down. Mother is out, a local weatherman is in, and he becomes both a hostage and Minister of Information. Though troops surround the belligerent ranch house-state, the appeal of independence becomes too much for many. A daring raid to kidnap Herb and bring him back to his mother snatches the boy prince from his ancestral home. Meanwhile, the house is filling up with former American refuseniks. Can the refrigerator hold out?

However, the seed has already been planted. All over America, people are declaring their independence, and simply by traveling from lawn to lawn across "the country", Herbert is able to reunite with his father and defeat American imperialism with a final burst of his telepathic powers.

Viva Soft Skull Press!

(Ahem. Please buy the book from us. Not from any one of the other links on that SSP page.)

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