Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week returns in a big, big way with a big, BIG dog!

This is Morgan. He's a Great Dane. And a very nice boy. Notice how he was kind enough to pose for me.

Here's an idea: in honor of Morgan's impressive size and kind demeanor, let's all spend the upcoming months reading some books of imposing size and well-deserved reputations. I'm talking about books like the new translation of War and Peace or Moby-Dick.

We haven't nailed down a date quite yet, but sometime in early February, University Book Store will be holding a Proust night. That means now's a great time to start reading In Search of Lost Time. I'll be picking up Swann'a Way after I finish the book I'm reading now.

(It's Millard Kaufman's Bowl of Cherries, by the way. Quite good.)

So, let's go. Let's read some big, BIG books. Let's do it for Morgan!

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