Thursday, December 13, 2007


As he has always been one of the most charming and good natured visitors to our author events program, our thoughts are with our friend Terry Pratchett, who was diagnosed with a "very rare form of early onset Alzheimer's." His note is from the 11th of December on the "Discworld News" page.

Here's the post script.

"PS I would just like to draw attention to everyone reading the above that this should be interpreted as 'I am not dead'. I will, of course, be dead at some future point, as will everybody else. For me, this maybe further off than you think — it's too soon to tell. I know it's a very human thing to say 'Is there anything I can do', but in this case I would only entertain offers from very high-end experts in brain chemistry."

Feel free to use the comments section to share some thoughts of your own. As with a Pratchett signing, Goths go first.

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