Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Good Morning, Tuesday!

• Here's a teaser for tonight's Amelia Gray/Evelyn Hampton/Lotte Kestner event at Neptune Coffee. First, a list by Amelia on Everyday Genius. Second, a story by Evelyn Hampton at elimae.

Should authors clean up their language when they read in a bookstore? Here's a statement from our Manager of Public Relations and Events, Stesha Brandon: "As a public space, it can be challenging to balance the different communities that use our store. Our children's book area is across from our event space, which has caused some concern when we've booked adult authors with adult-themed books. We support our guests' right to freedom of expression, and generally try to book those speakers at a time when children are less likely to be in the store."

A sign in the window of a bookstore in Georgia.

Sure, we're hosting Amelia Gray, Evelyn Hampton, and Lotte Kestner tonight at Neptune Coffee. But we're also hosting urban fantasy writer Kat Richardson in our store at 7pm. In Tacoma, we're hanging out at the Tacoma Public Library with Alan Bauer, author of Day Hiking from Mountaineers Books. And in Mill Creek, some of our favorite book reps will be talking about the best books for book clubs. Check out our Events page for details.

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