Friday, July 09, 2010

Is it 2011 yet?...a conversation with Calendar girl.


You may have been glued to your seats as each and every 2010 calendar found a home in the last episode of 'Days of our Calendars.' (Or not.) And although not quite the cliff-hanger, we were left with a number of folks who wanted to know if we had held onto any stragglers for purchase throughout the year. Sadly, we had not.

But this year marks a new beginning for the bookstore calendar collection as Kathy---our very own beloved calendar diva---has decided to keep some of the local offerings around for stock throughout much of the 2011 season. A marvelous idea.

You will be pleased to note that many of your favorites will be coming our way again this year: the surprise hit of 2010, 'Goats in Trees'; the ever popular Inuit art collection; and many, many more.

Consider purchasing the new-to-stock calendar featuring Abraham Lincoln, or perhaps revisit your childrens' fictional pal the 'Whimpy Kid,' and don't forget about all those hilarious 'Cake Wrecks!' Further it is no surprise that Zombies have also found their way into stock in the title 'Fold your own Zombie' ... and as such we are currently mopping up the copious amounts of red dye number 2 that was used ... so much fake blood is needed for the shocking effects to shine.

One title has me curious, and that is the 'How to Live in Flip Flops' offering. I imagine that we will find a good part of the university district populace wants to know the answer to that question. lol.

So, don't be surprised that many folks will be putting in their orders early this year to secure their calendar of choice. Please know that Kathy, Jan (aka calendar girl), and the entire bookstore family are poised and ready to assist you with your order(s).

Be seeing you soon!
Calendar Girl

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