Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey y'all... the release date of the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy is nearly upon us. So are you ready for the book release party of the season? Because it's happening tonight at the U District branch, and it's going to be rad. Doors open at 11pm and the book goes on sale at midnight. There will be a Hunger Games-style survive-at-your-own-peril game arena on the second floor of the books department (no actual physical peril involved, sorry/you're welcome). There will be Hunger Games trivia (it's really hard!). You can enter to win actually awesome prizes (not like, a sticker- really good stuff). Some of us will be so excited that we will be dystopian-futuristically-costumed (um, anyone have any Matrix-y looking tunics I can borrow?). And best of all, at midnight, you can take home your very own copy of Mockingjay. The event itself is free, and Mockingjay is 20% off the cover price. Anyway, we really hope you come, because the only thing that makes waiting for the next book in your favorite series to come out easier is waiting for it while playing games with other fans (in costume is even better). Okay, gotta go dig my boots out of storage and frantically re-read the first two books so I can be fully prepared. Feel free to call us with questions at (206) 634-3400 (ask for the Kids Department). Woohooooo!

P.S. Both the Bellevue and Mill Creek stores will have their own versions of this game at their release parties tomorrow, when the book goes on sale for normal non-midnight-release folks. See the events listings here (scroll down a little).

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