Monday, February 28, 2011

... A-Foraging we go! ...

Ever in search of the perfect book, I am a University Book Store forager. I have been thus, on and off, since you don't wanna know when*: wandering the bookstore shelves with the knowledge that some juicy, succulent, sublime morsel--one that will bring a new and purposeful clarity into my life--lies there, just over in the distance.** And I will boldly state that I am not alone.

There are scores of people ---just like me---who call University Book Store their stomping grounds, their mecca, for the search of the 'Holy Grail' of bookstore finds. And today I thought that I would share some of my most recent booty.

Transform Your Life through Handwriting, by Vimala Rodgers. This kit was originally priced at $29.95, now offered at a bargain price of $9.98: Inside you will find guidebook, journal, declaration of intent cards (A-Z), and two cd's. The first card that I picked at random shared this tidbit of wisdom: “There are no “shoulds” in my life; I am at peace.” Now I call that lovely … and I could easily see it as the perfect gift for a young woman on her--say--15th birthday. But this not-so-young woman may give it a go too. Positive reinforcement could well be the great leveler.

Paper Blossoms, by Ray Marshall, $28.00: This stunning book features “five amazing pop-up bouquets” and it “brings floral cheer to any room.” Okay, this item may not be for everyone, but I can assure you that there are more pop-up book collectors than you could ever guess.

The Key to the Kingdom, by Tony Meeusissen, originally priced at $25, but now offered to UBS customers--in extremely limited quantity--at $7.98 from our Bargain Books department: I have not checked the book of verse out yet, but I have perused the lovely art cards (shown above) and have just begun to whet my appetite. And even if you decide that you don't want to use the deck, you could easily paste each individual image to some card stock to make for a one-of-a-kind card to mail via snail mail. (I know that I'd love a gift card like that.)

William & Kate Paper Dolls, by Tom Tierney (the 'dude' in paper dolls), $9.99: Filled with pomp, royal style, and the hazy daydreams of many young girls ... of what it might be like to be queen. Okay, I probably won't purchase this, but you may be a hit if you get it for your nine year old who is already a slave to fashion. There are big to-do's ahead.

Berlitz Basic French, originally $29.95 now $14.98:
How often does the universe give you the big hint that your high school language classes just aren't cutting it ... that you wouldn't necessarily get the best service at a Parisian cafe what with the primitive accent that you've been harboring? (lol) J'adore la belle France! Oui!

And a fairly recent book, in the gardening section, called The New Terrarium, by Tovah Martin (author of some Tasha Tudor books) and photographer Kindra Clineff. $25.00.

... so green, so velvety green, makes me know the spring that is to come ...

... and look! you can add touches like these little geese and fox ... gosh, how cute is that?! ...

... and look at this one: classy with a touch of sassy ...

... finally, this is the one that does it for me ...

You can see that this beautiful book could very well inspire me to actually make a terrarium to showcase in the garden section ... or perhaps give as a gift.

*since 1980.
**And as we are on the midst of our annual clearance sale some of these treasures are now half off.


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