Tuesday, March 15, 2011

... Saying "goodbye" to old friends! ...

I am aghast! A book that I recommended for a scifi staff pick in April of 2009 is already out-of-print!

Here's the story: I have been reading Kristine Kathryn Rusch's 'Retrieval Artist' series since it first came to my attention in … say … 2002. I came to care about Miles Flint, a principled man with a past, and the universe that Ms. Rusch created (that was much more diversely populated than ours seems to be now.)  All manner of  dicey, painful, and seemingly unresolvable conflicts arise because of the juxtaposition of alien populations and the blundering homo sapiens.

There have now been about six novels in the collection, and I have read them all. But along the way the earlier books started dropping off the in-print wayside. Still, I was holding onto the idea that the new paperback editions would keep on coming ... but alas they have not.

I wouldn't have known about the later part of this story if Nancy, my ebullient coworker at UBS, hadn't brought to my attention that a customer, whom she says enjoys my staff picks (how delightful is that!), was unable to secure a copy of the most recent 'Retrieval Artist' book or even order it through us.

So, for now until maybe the 25th Anniversary publication of this series revives this book or we receive used copies (yes, please, do bring them in to sell to us!), we must bid Miles, the flint man, adieu. Kristine Kathryn Rusch has not stopped writing, nor have I stopped noticing all of her scifi works, but I shall take a moment (here) to sigh.



  1. Thanks so much for your kind words about the Retrieval Artist series. I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

    I have good news. The Retrieval Artist books are coming back into print through WMG Publishing. The Disappeared has just appeared electronically and will have a print edition in April. The others will follow shortly.

    The only problem is that Roc won't release the rights to the last two (including Duplicate Effort), so getting print editions of those is impossible for now. Roc is keeping the electronic up, and there are audio editions of all of the books from Audible.com.

    Right now, on my blog, I have an excerpt from The Disappeared, along with the new cover. http://kriswrites.com/2011/03/15/mid-month-novel-excerpt-the-disappeared/ You can keep up on Retrieval Artist news there or on the new website: http://www.retrievalartist.com/

    Also, WMG has published the short novels in the series that first appeared in Analog (another will appear in August). Those will have a print edition in the summer, but right now, they're available electronically.

    Finally, there will be a new Retrieval Artist book in November, also from WMG. I'll announce the exact pub date on my blog(s) when I have it.

    Sorry to hijack your blog for such a prolonged promotion, but I figured you (and your readers) would want to know. Thanks again for the kind words. I'm so glad you like the series.

    All the best,
    Kristine Kathryn Rusch

  2. Oh My Gosh!!!!

    I am ever so pleased to hear from you Kristine Kathryn Rusch! And so pleased to get the news ...

    You rock!


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