Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For a Special Occasion

And here we have the special edition of a Google Book, The Sense and Sentiment of Thackeray, reprinted, with new covers, on the bookstore's own EBM.  The occasion is, of course our upcoming celebration of the great man's 200th birthday.  Our reading of "A Little Dinner at the Timmins's" will be the centerpiece of the festivities, but we thought it worth doing to offer something in the way of a take-away as well.  So, this little book, from 1909, offers quotes and brief selections from all the novelist's major and minor work.  Charming little book.  

Our own Anna -- Queen of the EBM -- designed the reissues cover, and our host for the reading, Usedbuyer2.0, aka Brad, did the pencil sketch of Thackeray on the front cover.

We're rather proud of the little thing, which is available now, for nine bucks, at the bookstore and of course, at the reading July 14th, at 7PM.  Do come and try a bit of William Makepeace Thackeray.

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