Monday, August 15, 2011

Extra Credit: Cory Doctorow

In case you missed it, you should know that we're giving away 2 copies of Cory Doctorow's new book which is available on our Espresso Book Machine!

For those of you who want to double their luck, we have an extra credit question for you to answer. If you get the answer right, we'll enter you in the drawing twice! Leave your comment here or on the first post and make sure to include your email address for us to contact you. Contest ends at 10am PST on Wednesday 8/17.

Extra Credit Question:

In a pdf version of one of his books, Cory dedicates a chapter to our bookstore and, specifically, our stellar Sci-Fi/Fantasy Buyer, Duane Wilkins.

Cory says: "This scene is dedicated to the University Bookstore at the University of Washington, whose science fiction section rivals many specialty stores, thanks to the sharp-eyed, dedicated science fiction buyer, Duane Wilkins...."

In which book does he give this dedication?


  1. Thanks for this contest, UWB! I love your Espresso Book Machine - receiving a fresh, hot book in my hot little hands is like sinking into a pile of warm laundry: a totally guilt-free pleasure.

    Peter Smalley

    PS. Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow

  2. For the Win:

    misterjayem dizzat gmail dizzot com

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  5. Sometimes you just have to do it.


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