Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A HAPPY WITCH ... and 99 more things.

Here's a seasonal kid's book that you will still get a kick out of even after the season is over: How to Draw a Happy Witch and 99 Things that Go BUMP in the Night.

I have had no trouble selling the heck out of it, because it's a treasure and priced at only $9.95(minus any discount you may have with the book store*!) Joy Sikorski and now Nick Sunday have partnered to bring this gem to us just in time for All Hallows Eve. But don't expect anything really scary: I mean, the book is for kids age Five and Up (!) and for adults like me who have never grown up and are fond of a cat named Little Man. :D 

Here are a few of the drawing tutorials just to wet your appetite:

I love me some foxes! (so cute)

 Just a few lines and you have a porcupine ...
C'mon now, who can resist kittens drinking milk?

One other piece of good news is that we also have another book by Joy Sikorski on our shelves in the Kids Book Department. Check it out when you come visit us next.

Happy Halloween!

*If you haven't already, please sign up our Readers Club card (our free discount program.)


  1. How cute!!! I love the foxes and the kitties. ;)

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