Saturday, August 11, 2012

[August 15th celebration of J.C.'s 100th birthday!]

In just a few days time we will be celebrating all things Julia at University Book Store. After the release of the book and movie Julie and Julia - who could not like a movie staring the incomparable Meryl Steep and Stanley Tucci -interest in Ms. Child's books skyrocketed.

I, myself, have started using her and Dorie Greenspan's Baking with Julia*:

I even blogged about it at another of my blogs, if you are interested. So far, I have successfully used three recipes to my utmost satisfaction: Irish soda bread; poundcake; and a very simple biscuit recipe. With my success there I have no doubt that all of her cookbooks are splendid. And I wouldn't deny others the pleasure of buying them for me for, say, Christmas presents (lol.)

There really is so much to love about Julia, and the recently released and critically acclaimed bio by Bob Spitz called Dearie is now on our bestseller list (hence a nice reduced price is available to you n-o-w!), further testament to our love of ALL THINGS JULIA!

So, come and join us in the celebration of her 100th birthday party. We are "hosting a little party to celebrate the woman and the icon. Local food writers will be on hand to share personal stories about Julia and read from her letters. We'll have some French music and of course, some cake. Bring your favorite dish from Julia to share. Bon appetit!" The shindig will be held at our University District location, and your attendance automatically allows you to get up to two hours free parking.

aka cookbook shelver
and calendar girl (and yes, the 2013 calendars are pouring in as I write this!)

*Purchased it when it was available for sale as a bargain book. Oooo la la! :P
**Quote from our monthly Reading Allowed publication. We print out this schedule for our patrons and it is also available on-line. Sign-up for the on-line edition when you are next in the store.


  1. I have fond memories of my mother watching one of Julia's shows on public television. :)


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