Monday, September 25, 2006


Monday • September 25 • 7pm

You probably already know this. You are probably already planning on being here. But, maybe not. So, here's a head's up:

The incomparable Kelly Link, one of the finest contemporary short story writers around, will be here. Tonight. At University Book Store. Reading.

Be here.

This is the first paragraph of her story, "The Great Divorce," (which originally appeared in a fantastic journal called One Story) from her latest book, Magic For Beginners.

There once was a man whose wife was dead. She was dead when he fell in love with her, and she was dead for the twelve years they lived together, during which time she bore him three children, all of them dead as well, and at the time of which I am speaking, the time during which her husband beganto suspect that she was having an affair, she was still dead.

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