Thursday, March 20, 2008

Side by Side

On the left is the American cover of Michio Kaku's new book, The Physics of the Impossible. On the right is the British cover. (Actually, I found another, similar British cover, too. Same typeface and style, but with a photo behind it.)

You might think I prefer the British. And in a way, I do. But I'm also sort of intimidated by it. It makes me think I'm supposed to read the book while listening to some retro-New Wave band I've only heard mentioned in passing.

Like, I don't know, Black Kids, or something. I'm so intimidated, I think that the Black Kids reference is probably way too lame and outdated, too.

It's intimidatingly hip. Oh, you Brits and your Mod hairstyles and blues-based rock bands made up of art school drop-outs. I just don't get you.

Anyway. Kaku is reading next Wednesday, March 26 at the Pacific Science Center. We'll be there, selling books. You should go. I'll either be their or home reading a contemporary music blog or something.

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  1. do you have any idea how much I'm a fan of Dr. Michio Kaku??

    well i am. so you could say i was more than a bit happy to see a link to my site in this post about his new book.

    and i much prefer the British cover myself. it's hip in a "was just hip six months ago" kind of way. which totally works with the Black Kids reference.

    anyway, i like the notion that, in England (clearly), theoretical physics is just as hip as the band Does It Offend You Yeah?


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