Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stesha's Fantasy Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Cast

I'm not normally the sort of reader who imagines actors when I read a new book, but a comment from another fan of Guernsey got me thinking about my dream cast:

The book is told primarily from the point of view of Juliet Ashton, a reporter for the Spectator during WWII, and now a writer in search of a meaningful subject for her next book. My vote for Juliet is the lovely and talented Emily Blunt. Another staffer recommended Rosamund Pike. Juliet's close relationship with her publisher Sidney forms the basis of much of the book. Sidney is an imposing man with a wry sense of humor. Guernsey co-author Annie Barrows shared with me that in her mind, Sidney is a tall man. I vote for Nathaniel Parker, known to many from the Inspector Lynley series on PBS. Sidney's sister Sophie is Juliet's closest friend. She and Juliet have known each other since boarding school and Sophie is Juliet's touchstone. Jennifer Ehle would be perfect! Juliet is wooed by a rich American publisher who appreciates her intellectual attributes as much as her physical ones. He's a little cocky, and very, very self-assured. Dermot Mulroney fits the bill perfectly.

Emily Blunt as Juliet * Nathaniel Parker as Sidney *Jennifer Ehle as Sophie * Dermot Mulroney as Markham Reynolds

Juliet receives a letter from Guernsey that launches her friendship with the literary society there. She begins to communicate with various members of the society: Amelia, the matriarch of the group; Eben, who lost his daughter and grandchild the day the Nazis arrived on the island; John Booker, the recovering alcoholic and amateur actor and Isola, whose potions and remedies were much talked about (and as much avoided).

Maggie Smith as Amelia * Denis Lawson as Eben * Rupert Everett as John Booker * Emma Chambers as Isola

It is Juliet's relationship with Dawsey that forms the heart of the book. Dawsey writes to Juliet in order to track down more work by Charles Lamb. Their friendship deepens as Juliet begins to understand the impact of the occupation on the islanders and their close-knit community. Richard Armitage (one of favorite actors!) would be perfect as the quiet, contemplative Dawsey. There is one character who is the soul of the book, but is missing from the island.Elizabeth is a firebrand who protects her friends and family against Nazi injustice and pays for it. Justine Waddell would be good as Elizabeth's quick-thinking, quick-acting character.

Richard Armitage as Dawsey * Justine Waddell as Elizabeth

Once you've read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, I'd love to hear about your fantasy cast for the film.

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  1. Amazing, Richard Armitage for my first (and only) thought for Dawsey. But I pictured Hattie Monahan (Sense and Sensibility) or Rebecca Hall (Starter for Ten) as Juliet.

  2. Okay, I've filled out the rest of the cast (it was great fun). Here goes.

    Juliet Ashton – Hattie Morahan

    Sidney Stark – Rupert Everett

    Susan Scott – Rebecca Hall

    Sophie Strachan – Honeysuckle Weeks

    Dawsey Adams – Richard Armitage

    Elizabeth McKenna- Rachel Weist or Emily Blunt

    Gilly Gilbert – Simon Callow

    Markham V. Reynolds – Patrick Dempsey

    Amelia Maugery – Janet McTeer

    Isola Pribby – Emma Chambers

    Eben Ramsey – Denis Lawson or Michael Kitchen

    Miss Adelaide Addison – Claire Skinner

    Clovis Fossey – Timothy Spall

    John Booker – Burn Gorman

    Captain Christian Hellman – John Light or Laurence Fox (though he played a nearly identical role in Island at War)

    Remy Giraud – Audrey Tautou

    1. Anonymous8:06 AM

      No tengo claro la mayoría de personajes, pero el de Dawey, richard Armitage , es el ideal, unico

    2. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Jo nomes tinc clar el paper de Danwey que es, per Richard Armitage

  3. Now you just need to forward this to Mitch Kaplan!


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