Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go Nerdfighters!

Almost 400 nerdfighters came out to see John and Hank Green at Seattle Public Library and to celebrate the release of John's new book Paper Towns. Music from Molly of sweetafton23, and appearances by Kristina and Kayley of 5 Awesome Girls rounded out the evening's entertainment. Books were signed, prizes were raffled, dancing commenced. This was a wonderful way to celebrate the vlogbrothers, and a rousing finale to our Paper Towns scavenger hunt. Thanks to all who played and all who attended the event. DFTBA and Best Wishes!

John signs a manuscript copy of Paper Towns to be raffled off.

Hank signs a Made of Awesome t-shirt (while wearing a DFTBA shirt!) Photo courtesy of Molly Stone

John and Hank Green with University Book Store staff (can you tell how thrilled we are?)


  1. those shirts were so great! is there any way to get one if i didn't win the raffle?

  2. Oh yeah! Was this before or after he said how AWESOME the University Book Store is?

  3. We did a limited number of t-shirts as prizes for the events. If you shoot me an email I might be able to get you the art/etc.
    My email is


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