Friday, July 31, 2009

Dog of the Week

That's Schroeder. He was being very well-behaved, waiting for his human, sitting under a table by the window. He gave me a very friendly lick of the hand when I said hello.

Is Schroeder named for Schroeder from Peanuts? I actually forgot to ask. I hope so, though. He's great, as was his moody, memorable creator, Charles M. Schulz.


  1. Jaime8:06 PM

    Yeah for Schroeder! He is the best hound ever (sorry to all the other loving, smelly and well-behaved hounds out there!) Yes, he is in fact named after "Schroeder, from Peanuts. Charles Schultz is an inspiration to all!

  2. Thanks for bringing Schroeder by. It was a pleasure to meet him.


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