Thursday, July 09, 2009

Good Morning, Thursday.

Hey there. Here's a quick tour of the online literary world.

• Mental Floss magazine lists the longest-running novel series for readers who want to spend the Summer (and Fall, and Winter, and Spring, and next Summer, and next Fall, etc.) reading about only one character, group of characters, or setting. (Did you know that including spin-offs there were 709 Mac Bolan books!)

• HBO will be making a television series out of Jeffrey Eugenides novel Middlesex. Also potentially exciting: HBO's collaboration with one of my favorite writers, Jonathan Ames, on the series Bored to Death.

Nabokov's The Original of Laura will come out in December, but one week before the pub date, an excerpt will appear in Playboy, giving his readers a chance to pull out that "I only read Playboy for the articles" joke.


Tonight University Book Store welcomes science fiction/thriller writer David J. Williams to the store. He begins at 7pm, and will be reading from his book Burning Skies, which Philip K. Dick award winner Stephen Baxter called "Tom Clancy interfacing with Bruce Sterling."

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