Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now That's a Review

Paul Constant wants you to read (and authors to write) science fiction as a political act. He calls authors prophets. He crushes on Cory Doctorow. Please, please, please read his awesome review of Doctorow's new book, For the Win, here. And then come to our event with both of those two lovely dudes at the Sunset Tavern on Friday. It will rock, I pretty much guarantee. Info here (scroll down to May 14th for the listing).

-Anna (Kids' Dept.)

PS. Feel free to comment: what science fiction novel are we living in right now? I think I'd say a Philip K. Dick mashup.


  1. i don't know enough about sci-fi to know which novel we are living in, BUT i do love the idea of reading sci-fi as a political act. thanks for sharing.

  2. How about The Matrix?

  3. 1984. Thank you for being information sucking and selling fiends, FACEBOOK.


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