Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Visual Interlude

I have to admit, a big reason I love books so much is for their aesthetic appeal. Even before I worked in a bookstore, I was obsessed with the way spines lined up together, jagged and worn and colorful and pristine. Most trips I take to new cities include stops at the local bookstores to walk around and explore. At each stop I pick up a unique book, a personal souvenir to mark the memory or smell or emotion that each particular store gave me. It has turned into a very special collection.

Working day in and day out surrounded by books has only heightened my appreciation and love for the book as art. I love walking through the stacks and observing colors and fonts. I love shelving books and feeling the spine slip cozily into its right spot. I love setting up displays, piling books on top of each other. I love the distinctly different look of new books and used books. Here are some of my favorite images that celebrate all this beauty.

Bookstore, by Xavier Encinas

paperbacks, by payneandfranklin
  my favorite bookshop, by lochaven

book nook, by misterbisson

three books, by staceyds

browsing, by sweet potato anna (me)

SCIENCE, by dorkasaurus_rex

--Anna M.


  1. My favorite store ever, with my favorite books ever, is this one: http://www.thehindu.com/thehindu/mp/2003/01/15/images/2003011500230401.jpg

    I know it's not a link, just a url, but I have no technical skills at all.

  2. i'm so with you! yay for books, for the art of printing and binding!

  3. lovely post anna. browsing in book shops is one of my favourite pass times :)

  4. jason, that is a great image! what store i this?

  5. I like. Your photo makes a positive addition to this visual post!

  6. Oh, my goodness. I've stumbled onto your blog and now I can't leave!

  7. "has only heightened my appreciation and love for the book as art. " YES! Books are art! People never think of them that way, and its a shame sometimes.


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