Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As the weather starts to get cooler you may find that you are more predisposed to turning on that oven again. I certainly have been: even in my kitchen.* Just recently I found myself chopping almonds and dried fruit to go into the super-easy biscotti recipie that I found in 'Cookie Swap,' by Lauren Chattman. Can you imagine cookies without butter? Just a lot of eggs? Well, I'm sold because they turned out de-lish!

note: this photo was taken before cutting up the biscotti into individual pieces and the second bake.

Another attractive book that just came out is Gourmet Magazine's 'Cookie Book'. [Look at top image to see book cover.] Why not try the Moravian White Christmas Cookie recipie with just a touch of sherry? Yum Yum! They look like you slaved over them, without the actual fuss, and you get to top off your drink in the process.** And how about Irish Coffee Crunchies? I won't tell you which alcoholic beverage goes into them, but I'm sure that you can imagine.

And if you have special diet considerations, you could take a look at the new 'Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free' cookbook. Check-out the visuals for the chia and poppy seed shortbread with pomegranate glaze on page 65, they have an artist's flair. And if you get a tad bit intimidated when you look at the roster of ingredients, then you might remember that there's no scrimping when it comes to the thoughtful world of alternative diets. In addition, Karen Morgan gives some good background information: for instance, did you know that for thousands of years "chia seeds were prized in Mesoamerica for their stamina-building properties?" It's true. So you'll discover new treats and be able to entertain your friends all at the same time.

Toodles from the *Cookie* clubhouse!
-Jan (in Calendars, Kids, Sci-fi & Fantasy, Cookbooks, Gardening, Pets, Games)

*just ask me about my kitchen...
** don't actually drink sherry, just being humorous... :)


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Three things:
    1. The Gourmet Cookie Book cover is completely awesome.
    2. Those pictures made me very hungry for biscotti.
    3. Sherry always reminds me of Dylan Thomas's 'A Child's Christmas in Wales,' so now I'm all Christmas-y.



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