Saturday, October 02, 2010

Creeeeeeepy Tales!

That title should sound like whatever creepy narrator you grew up with, whether it was Vincent Price or the Crypt Keeper. Because it's October, and that means it's time to get creepy. Our celebration of all that is hallow this year includes a reading series that begins tonight. It's called Creepy Tales (try saying it in a creepy voice for full effect) and includes our staff reading short stories of all stripes. Some are just weird, some are slightly creepy, some are really genuinely scary. The series will run the the whole month of October, every Saturday night at 6pm in the events area of the Ave store.

Tonight's kickoff reading features our beloved Brad, who you may have heard reading Capote around Christmas last winter or at our 84 Charing Cross Road celebration earlier this year. He'll be reading stories by Saki (real name H. H. Munro) and he assures me that they're excellent. I know I can trust his impeccable taste, so we're all in for a treat.

Come on down!
Saki himself (will not be joining us, unless something really creepy happens)

-Anna, Kids Books

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  1. Thanks, Anna! You can do all our publicity.


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