Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chicken with Plums

Next Tuesday, our own Nick Di Martino will be hosting the meeting of the University of Washington International Book Club. They will be discussing Marjane Satrapi's Chicken with Plums, a graphic memoir recently excerpted in Salon.

Nick has been a Satrapi booster for quite some time now, and lavished praise on her first book, Persepolis. Now, in a joint venture between University Book Store and the Foundation for International Understanding through Students (FIUTS), he is again on the stump for the marvelously talented Satrapi. Here are the event details:

FIUTS/University Book Store
Tuesday • October 24 • 2 pm
HUB 302-B, University of Washington campus

Join us. And remember, Chicken with Plums is a Nick's Pick book, meaning you save 20% when you purchase it through University Book Store. The book is regularly $16.95, but we have it for $13.56.

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