Thursday, October 12, 2006

The man with Harper Lee's digits!

The always reliable Maud Newton found this little gem about a small publisher getting a blurb from Harper Lee.

Here's an excerpt:

"I used to know a Harper Lee a hundred damn years ago,'' he replied.

"Well,'' Monks said, "it would be great to get Harper Lee to write a blurb for your book.''

Right then, Ehle pulled from his coat pocket two worn address books, held together by a single rubber band. Monks and Watson were dumbfounded. They had stumbled onto the literary equivalent of the Holy Grail.

"I was just drooling,'' Monks said the other day from her small attic office. "He had talked about sharing the same agent as Tom Wolfe and he pulled out this little book with Harper Lee's phone number in it and I thought 'Holy (expletive), what else is in that book? How much would that get on E-bay?' ''

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