Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A follow-up...

We (the institutional "we", by the way...I have not started to refer to myself with the royal "we") received this comment a few days ago:

Anonymous said...

The University Bookstore is an amazing place. It promotes reading...yet the instore security team continues to harass and follow minority students and staff members around the store to the point that it is easier to buy from amazon.com than to deal with being guilty of being a minority in a whites only store.

Our CEO, Bryan Pearce, was made aware of this message, and offered the following response:

Bryan Pearce, CEO U Book Store said...

University Book Store welcomes everyone into its stores. Since 1900, we have celebrated and reflected the diversity of our UW campus communities, the surrounding communities we serve, our staff, and the authors, subject matter and products we present every day.

I am always pleased to talk with our customers about the Book Store and address any questions or concerns.

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  1. And here's a comment to the follow-up: I've worked at University Book Store for nearly six years, and have, in that time, gotten to know many of our security people. I must say that I find the current group to be some of the most professional and conscientious employees at the store, and know that they take this comment seriously.


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