Wednesday, November 08, 2006


JamesWebb, originally uploaded by ubs_blogger.

It's not yet Noon, and control of the House of Representitives has been decided.

The Senate has come down to a single race. George Allen versus the author of the book pictured above.

Can I get away with rooting for James Webb if I swear I am doing so not for partisan reasons, but simply because, as a bookseller, I just love it when good writers win stuff?

Here's a blurb about Born Fighting from nattily dressed literary luminary Tom Wolfe:

"A bombshell—or else the most brilliant battle flare ever launched by a book. James Webb reveals the all-but-invisible ethnic group that has created the core beliefs of democracy, American-style...not only an engrossing story, but also an important work of sociological history."

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