Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dog of the Week

Hey there book/dog fans. The Shelver is finally back from an extended vacation, and with him comes a brand new dog of the week.*

This is Cody:

He's young, and refuses to stop moving long enough for his picture to be taken, so instead, I made a little movie of him chewing on my shoe. And shoelace.

Good boy, Cody.

* And, apparently, a need to speak in the third person.**

** Speaking of odd choices for a narrator's voice, have any of you readers had a chance to check out Joshua Ferris's novel, Then We Came To the End. I'm a little late getting to it, I know, what with it being on quite a few top ten lists and getting the National Book Award nomination and all. Sorry. My reading list finally opened up a space.

I mention it, though, because it is in first person plural. We did this. We did that. An interesting strategy, usually. A difficult one to pull off, too, because it tends to imply that the story being told carries a lot of weight, as if the first person singular narrator wants to spread around the blame.

In this case, it seems to work pretty well.

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