Friday, June 11, 2010

It's That Time of Year...

...for Vegetable Gardening! I've got my gloves and trowel out of the old bucket in the garage. The soil is tilled, the seeds are sprouting, the starts have been bought. I'm slowly nurturing my tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants to get used to this Seattle summer. Everything in my garden is going as planned. Of course, I couldn't have done it alone.

Each year, I add something new to my edible gardening repertoire and so, each year I pull out handy gardening books to keep my green thumb active. Here's the books I'll be referencing this year:

Edible Heirlooms by Bill Thorness is the must-have book for gardeners looking for tips on how to grow and find unique edible plants. Bill is a great writer and his book is a call for variety and diversity.

 Mcgee & Stuckey's The Bountiful Container A Container Garden Of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, And Edible Flowers 
is my go-to book for all container related information I may need. Whether you have a small apartment or a big deck, this book will tell  you how to make it work. It's an encyclopedia.

 Growing Your Own Vegetables by Carla Emery & Lorene Forkner is a great introductory book to grab when you have a nagging questions about a certain plant. It is easy to flip through and has basic information on how to grow most vegetables.

For us in the Northwest, Steve Solomon's Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades is a beautiful and resourceful guidebook to organic gardening at home. This 6th edition is up to date on the latest gardening trends and best practices.

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or new to the dirt, there is always a multitude of gardening books that can help you help your plants grow. Any favorites you have?

--Anna, events


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Thank you for the container gardening book recommendation! Now, has anyone ever taken a Seattle Tilth class on the subject? I'm intrigued but haven't taken the plunge yet.
    -other Anna

  2. seattle tilth is amazing! just do it.


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