Friday, June 25, 2010

What Books Do You Buy? (Part Two)

A little while ago I posted about the question of what books booksellers buy. More specifically, what books our staff can't help but own, books that are truly worth our precious, finite, at-home shelf space. You can read the first installment here, and the series continues below.

Interview #2 – Pam (Manager, New & Used Books)
A: [After pitching this whole blog post idea] So, what books do you have to buy?
P: Books that are going out of print.
A: So if you know you won't have another chance...
P: Exactly. And art books.
A: Books about artists, or books about making art?
P: Making art. Books I can take home and use. Actually, I do buy books about art. What I'm buying today are all books that are just so beautiful I can't say no. They're full of beautiful, beautiful art. I like to have books around that inspire me.

#3 – Jason (Used Books Buyer)
A: All right, so what books can you not help yourself around?
J: Roman History! That's my weak spot. Even new, even in hardcover, if I see something on Roman History I have to buy it.
A: Anything?
J: Actually, literally, pretty much anything.
A: That's really specific. Dude, how do I not know that about you? Is there anything else?
J: Well, I work at the used desk, so I buy a LOT of used books. I do get first look at a lot of what comes through here.

#4 – Natalie (New & Used Books)
N: You know, when I see a book that's just perfect for someone I know, that's when I just have to get it. Like that old used book we found about becoming a man? I saw it and I just thought of my friend Robert, who's not less of a man but could use some tips. I buy a lot of books for my dad- he knows what he likes, but he doesn't actually get them for himself. I buy tons of books for him.
A: That's sweet. All right, thanks.
N: Oh! And older children's books, for the illustrations.
A: Ha, that's actually what I said. All right, great.
N: [Walks away, then comes running back.] Wait! And used art books. 'Cause you know art books are so expensive? I shouldn't say that maybe, but they are. I just got a book for like $15 that would've been $50 or $75 new.
A: Whose art books have you gotten lately?
N: Richard Larter and Helmut Newton.

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