Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet the Bloggers!

Today kicks off the first installation of our 'Meet the Bloggers' series, a string of blog posts designed to help you know a bit more about us. You've seen our signature at the bottom of most posts, you've recognized the difference in voice between a post on kids books and a post on, say, Japanese translated books. But who are we really? Who is the person behind all those crazy-fun Espresso Book Machine experiments? And who collects photographs of bookstores big and small? For each 'Meet the Bloggers' post, you'll be introduced to a new contributor to this fun and fabulous blog. Once you've made their acquaintance, we'll hook you up with all the posts they've ever written. And that link we'll be on our sidebar from here on out.

To start things off, please meet Anna Minard.
Anna is a children's bookseller, an avid reader, and a literacy enthusiast. Here's a short Q&A with her:

What are 3 books that will always be on your bookshelf and why?
The Joy of Cooking, Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia, and my dictionary. My parents gave them to me around high school graduation (one of them may have been a birthday present). Other things are replaceable, but I think I would feel book-naked without those.

What book blogs or websites do you frequently check in on?
I check Bookshelves of Doom and the Slog every day, and I also browse around other book blogs (once I'm finished shelving, of course!), usually ones that are specific to children's and young adult books, like Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Some I go to for specific things: I use Common Sense Media a lot to see about the age appropriateness of a book I haven't read, I check American Indians in Children's Literature to get her perspective on things, and Guys Lit Wire is all about books that are good picks for teen boys (who can be hard to choose for!). I like reading author blogs too- John Green, Libba Bray, Maureen Johnson.

Every reader has their favorite spot, where do you read and what do you need to have around you when you read?
When I really get into a book, there is nowhere I wouldn't read. I read while I walk, at the dinner table, at the book desk (busted) and I have to stop myself from picking the book up at stoplights when I'm driving. When I get the chance I'm a reclining reader- curled up on a couch or in bed is best. But I love reading on the bus, particularly. I love getting lost in it and then looking up and being in a completely different place. And I have to read while I eat, if I'm alone. I'll grab anything, cereal box or Dostoevsky, but I cannot just sit there and chew.

Who are  your favorite YA characters? Kids book characters?
Francie Nolan, from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Hassan Harbish, from John Green's An Abundance of Katherines. Scout Finch is a given, right? And Pippi trumps them all. Pippi Longstocking is the best character in the world.

You can see all her posts here


  1. Anna, dear Anna, you are so very lovely ... and Anna, photo journalist Anna, you are so talented. There needs to be a book called 'An Abundance of Annas' or not. But I am just so gosh darn excited about this blog. Can u feel the luv??? <3 Jan

  2. It's true. We <3 Anna! And are you holding some of your favorites in the pic?

  3. KathyWi3:19 PM

    I've always been an Anna fan!

  4. What a great interview! Anna, you are so fun and full of information.

  5. one question... what's with the scarf? i heart you.


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