Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Christian Hawkey

A few of us at University Book Store loved The Book of Funnels. And, boy, we love Citizen Of, as well. Here's Hawkey at work:

Blue Yodel #1

Sewn inside a left hip a highway
paved with the blue tongues of coyotes
a song a blue song
I am far from the sound of your pupils

a shower curtain the color
pf your body behind it I
remember a candy that left your lips
& when it left your lips
turned blue &
the mannequin at the front of the science class
with its blue, detachable liver

my heart in high school was constantly
popping out it was ok it was
plastic anyway & Rhonda
the bruise above your right eye
was the center of a blue storm
I wanted to walk through & would have
I'm sorry I walked up to you & tried to lick it

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