Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mark Strand

Today, our Used Book Buyer, Brad, would like to suggest you consider picking up a copy of New Selected Poems by Mark Strand. Here's what he has to say:

The new collection includes all Strand's previously selected poems, and incorporates poems from both his more recent collections. Strand, a former Laureate, is know for the often dreamlike quality of his poems; using everyday environments and experiences, and deceptively simple language, to reproduce moments of often other-worldly clarity. A modern master.

Here's some Strand poetry. It's from "My Son":

My son
my only son,
the one I never had,
would be a man today.

He moves
in the wind,
fleshless, nameless.

he comes
and leans his head,
lighter than air
against my shoulder

and I ask him,
where do you stay,
where do you hide?

To learn the boy's answer, buy the book.

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