Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Two Recommendation Day

Because I was unable to post a poetry recommendation yesterday, today there will be two. First, a book of poems for young readers recommended by Kids Bookseller Anna:

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, poems and (delightful) illustrations by Adam Rex

Rex’s mastery of comedy through oil paint and rhyme shines forth in this wacky and witty picture book of poetry about monsters. It’s tough to describe the brilliance of these poems but, mostly, they concern the various problems monsters experience. Examples: “The Creature from the Black Lagoon Doesn’t Wait an Hour Before Swimming,” and “Bigfoot Can’t Believe You Called Him Yeti Just Now.” Throughout the pages the poor Phantom of the Opera just can’t get the most obnoxious songs out of his head, and these poems are all written so that they can be sung to the tune of his latest ohrwurm. Rex has created what we think is an heir to the Stinky Cheese Man throne.

A favorite:

“Now the Phantom of the Opera Can’t Get ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ Out of His Head”

Bald and pale and masked and ugly, the
Phantom of the Opera is writing, but
when he knows that he can’t compose
he goes, “AAAHRG!”

Every song comes out a samba, al-
though he wants to write an aria, so
his top blows and he tears his clothes
and goes, “AAAHRG!”

A second recommendation will appear on the blog later today.

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