Monday, April 26, 2010


Not to start anything, because I know people feel quite strongly about their punctuation, but as we were setting up an account for the Kids Department on this here blog, we ran into a snafu that we often encounter. Somehow, the question is never settled, even when we finally make signage and someone gives a thorough explanation: Is it Kids' Books or Kids Books? We know it's not Kid's Books, even though that unfortunate possessive occasionally sneaks onto signage. But of the other two, we decided to go with Kids Books on our giant sign and whatever flyers we produce. As in, these are books for kids, not books that belong to kids. That official decision, however, hasn't stopped us from having the same plural v. possessive conversation every time we have to do something (like make our name for this blog).


  1. Phew, I got it right ... when I signed off on my piece 'Morphic Resonance?' and stated that I worked in Kids. :P


  2. As someone both confused and intrigued by the English language, I respect your willingness to go out on a limb, and let the rest of us comment about it. The interwebs can be a gamy place to create an open forum, but I support your decision to go with Kids. I mean, they both make sense. Almost too much sense. Choosing one seems tricky, but why not give Kids a try?

  3. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Turns out the apostrophe question has been dealt with before... see (ugh, sorry for the long link). The last Q in the Q & A deals with the lack of apostrophe in Readers Club. I had to look up "attributive noun," but that seems accurate...


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