Friday, April 02, 2010

Beat the Machine

We really tried to do that with our first large publishing project of a 776 page book.

If you saw my head stuck in the machine last week that was because I had to climb in and assist the book in rotation,
as the robot arm twirled it in preparation for cutting.

The folks at On Demand Books (who brought us the EBM) are making leaps and bounds with the Book Machine technology and they promise I will never again have to squeeze a book while the machine is in operation. We'll see.

University of Washington postdoctoral researcher, Stefan Baums, approached us a month ago to see if we could print his dissertation in book form before he left the country for Kyoto. He designed a simple cover to complement the rather weighty title: A Gandhari Commentary on Early Buddhist Verses: British Library Kharosthi fragments 7,9, 13 and 18.

I'm pleased to say we finished the job well before his plane left the runway.

- Tera, EBM Operator

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