Tuesday, April 24, 2007

National Poetry Month Recommendation: Calef Brown

A good thing to do with poetry is to start reader's young. I've been neglecting the youth readers this month, but here's a recommendation to correct that.

I shelved the Kids' Books section a while back, and came across the crazy, colorful paintings and poems of the wonderful Calef Brown. His illustrations have appeared all over: Harper's, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone—even Business Week.

His flat paintings compliment his clever little poems quite well. And his books are loads of fun. Buy one for the kids in your life.

Here's "Kansas City Octopus" from Polka-bats and Octopus Slacks:

Kansas City Octopus
is wearing fancy slacks.
just got 'em,
fifty bucks including tax.

Red corduroy
and boy-oh-boy,
they fit like apple pie.
Multi-pocket snazzy trousers
custom made for octipi.

Fantastic plastic stretch elastic
keeps 'em nice and tight.
Kansas City Octopus
is looking good tonight.

On his website, you can see some of the poem/illustration combinations. Enjoy.


  1. Cortez6:25 PM

    I just read Polka Bats and sister book Dutch Sneakers literally for the 60th time just today at an Elementary School here in Sacramento. The kids just loved them... as always.

    These are must have books for prarents with young children. They were given to my daughter in 2000 when she was little and now she reads them to younger children.

    Thanks to Calef for these wonderful treasures.



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